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How are the International Student scholarships funded?

Our Scholarships are funded through the agent placement fees paid by the various institutions. Each international student that we place in a Canadian high school, college or university that pays international student fees will receive a $1000 Cdn scholarship award returned to them directly.

What is the eligibility to get an International Student scholarship?

To be eligible for an international student scholarship;
1) You must be a new or transfer international high school, college or university student resident abroad or currently within Canada;
2) Also, you worked with our Advisors to be placed in a high school, college or university; and thirdly
3) You are an international student from an African country, our initial target market.

What do I need to apply to a school?

There are several academic and immigration requirements before you can commence your studies in Canada.
The general requirements are:
• Identifying the province of study
• Academic documents and transcripts
• English language proficiency
• International student fees and finances
• Immigration requirements
• Working in Canada

The length of time and process for application completion can vary depending on the country in which you live. We suggest doing your own online research and email us. One of our Advisors will reach out to you to start the process.

How do I become a Student Ambassador?

There are three requirements to become a Student Ambassador:

1) You are a prior scholarship recipient that is, you were placed in a high school, college or university by our one of our advisors.​
2) Secondly, you commit to dedicate 2 hours per month to mentor a fellow​ international student that’s a newcomer. You will receive compensation for your hours of commitment, and lastly

3) You remain engaged with us for the entire duration of your program.

Active Student Ambassadors​ benefit from referencing the role in their resumes. Our Student Ambassadors also gain access to the full range of our support services.

How can we get help with our career?

Our program is intended to assist the Student Ambassadors in our network and to provide supplemental support to that being provided on campus. We advise students to fully explore the opportunities for career guidance and support offered by their institutions prior to requesting our assistance. However, we will provide support in the areas of:

•       Internship Placement
•       Mentorship
•       Work Shadowing Opportunities

 Are there fees for enrolling in your programs?

There are no fees for enrolling in our scholarship programs. The only requirement is to be a Student Ambassador of the Program. This is automatically granted if you were a student placed through our program.

Describe your Referral program

Our framework is ‘For Students” “By Students”. Students can receive supplemental revenues by recommending other international students to be placed in Canadian institutions. Our programs were initially set up to target students from the continent of Africa. Hence our Referral Program is open to anyone that refers an African International student that is placed in a Canadian institution by our Advisors.

Referral fees are paid 10 days after the agent placement fees have been received from the institutions.


    To create unique pathways that position international students so that their only option is success.

    We will meet students where they are academically, socially, emotionally and geographically.

    To bring together like minded institutions and organizations that can flexibly address gaps that support international student transitions and academic success.

  • Top Reasons International Students come to Canada

    The Bureau of International Education lists 3 of the top reasons international students come to Canada as:

    • Quality of Canadian Education System
    • Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society, and
    • Canada’s reputation as a safe country


    <strong><em><a href=””>“Canada has been ranked as the top country outside Europe, and the second-best country worldwide, to live as an immigrant. Only Sweden is ranked higher than Canada”.</a></em></strong></a>