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Intensive High School Pathway Programs (IHPP)

We assist students in Grades 11 and 12 that require intensive preparation to attain the necessary grade averages to attend top institutions of their choice. The high level of student-teacher interaction gives graduates a competitive edge, as they prepare for demanding post-secondary studies and our students graduate with the Canadian High School Diploma.

Our partner institutions excel in STEM training programs are proven with 100% admission to top universities such as University of Toronto, Western University, University of Waterloo, among others. The following provides information on the distribution of various university programs:











Specialized International Fast-Track Programs (IFTP)

These are programs that are delivered to students in their home countries. Our IFTP programs address specific educational gaps in the following areas:

Vocational/College Skills Training

These programs address educational gaps in countries with swelling youth populations requiring expanded educational access to specific career skills training that supports the reduction of unemployment and improves both quality of life and the economy. You will be exposed to courses designed to develop your skills towards a career in information technology, science and engineering technology etc.


High caliber faculty

Students access a high caliber faculty that also have been granted the Ontario Teaching Certification by the council of Ontario College of Teachers. More importantly they have a wealth of experience in teaching both international and Canadian students.

Small Class Sizes

Studies have shown that small class sizes are important for student success. Classes are typically 10 or fewer students in size; a model that encourages teamwork, communication, participation, individual help and counseling to students.

Extensive Network

Developed through international partnerships, networks and pathway agreements, we provide fast-track and hybrid career development programs from our Canadian partner institutions. Students earn a Certificate or Diploma from an accredited Canadian institution.







Are you looking for support to enter specialized programs?


    To create unique pathways that position international students so that their only option is success.

    We will meet students where they are academically, socially, emotionally and geographically.

    To bring together like minded institutions and organizations that can flexibly address gaps that support international student transitions and academic success.

  • Top Reasons International Students come to Canada

    The Bureau of International Education lists 3 of the top reasons international students come to Canada as:

    • Quality of Canadian Education System
    • Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society, and
    • Canada’s reputation as a safe country


    <strong><em><a href=””>“Canada has been ranked as the top country outside Europe, and the second-best country worldwide, to live as an immigrant. Only Sweden is ranked higher than Canada”.</a></em></strong></a>